What Planets Could We Live On?

Lets say you are chilling on the beach enjoying the nice weather with a delicious mango milkshake (or whatever your favorite drink is). All of a sudden a zombie outbreak happens and you have just a few minutes to get to outer space and decide on what planet to go to to escape. You don’t have to worry about the technical stuff behind space travel. Which planet would you pick?

Lets take a look at a few popular planets that you could travel to:

For reference: light year = 63,000 astronomical units (AU) = 5.859 trillion miles



Location: 33.9 million miles

Fun Fact: year = 687 days

Commonly mistaken as the company that makes candy bar. It is well known that there are signs of liquid water in the past. It is the closest planet of the 3 and there are already plans in place to send humans to Mars within the next decade or two (2030 NASA, 2024 SpaceX). Chances are you might find other humans who would be escaping to this planet which has its ups and downs.

Here is a great article I recommend reading that explains the current complexity of living on the big red planet.




Location: 500 light years from Earth

Fun fact: 1 year on Kepler-186f = 130 days

We don’t known a lot about this planets atmosphere and surface conditions. Thus, this is a risky planet to go to, but you know what they say “high risk, high reward.” It is possible for the planet to have water on its surface and similar gravity to earths. So would this planet be a good choice to escape too? Maybe.


Saturn’s Moon Titan

Location: 9.54 AU from Sun

Fun fact: 1 Earth day = 16 days on Titan

Titan is the least hostile place to live in the outer solar system. It might be a good place to try out if you want to get farther away than Mars. Its lakes and weather are filled with liquid methane. Although the moon has no water, some scientist believe that life based on methane might be possible. I bet a lot of cows live there.

Titan has a really dense atmosphere (95% nitrogen and 5% methane). Its atmosphere is unbreathable, but you wouldn’t need a pressurized space suit. You would just need protection from the climate (cold weather) and a breathing mask.


There are certainly more planets you could try to reach during the zombie outbreak. I just listed a few here that are pretty popular and close. Well two out of the three are at least.

Have any other planets you think would be good to escape the zombies? Leave a comment below.

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Image sources: http://cdn.sci-news.com and https://www.nasa.gov